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Can you tell if a password has been compromised?

This site was set up to demonstrate that a STRONG PASSWORD isn't necessarily a SAFE PASSWORD.

Although many passwords meet typical algorithmic strength requirements, they may still be unsafe if they exist in password cracking dictionaries used by cybercriminals.

Start your password check. Enter a password below to see both its strength and if it is among the billions that have been compromised. Consider these examples:

sk8erboy | pha69Htm | punkforlife | correct horse battery staple | 2bon2btitq | Hunter@2 | minecrafter1521 | oscarshi1998
The password will be sent securely to our server to check if it is compromised. We will not store the password.

Know which passwords have been compromised. Enzoic provides API solutions and a simple Active Directory plugin that make it easy for organizations to guide users to better choices.

"Over 80% of 'hacking' incidents 
involved stolen credentials"

- Verizon DBIR

Even a 30 character password 
isn't secure if it was previously compromised

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Enzoic is a B2B security company that helps protect websites and corporate networks from the vulnerability and fraud associated with allowing the use of compromised passwords. www.enzoic.com

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